Game Platforms

Arcadelia Gaming Platform

The Arcadelia Gaming Platform offers a complete gaming solution to host any RNG, casino, lottery and skill game, mobile or web-based.

Erasure – Social Media Platform

Erasure is a platform that cuts down game development time radically and gets your game out on multiple social networks.

Skill Gaming Platform

Full featured skill gaming system offering a wide range of tournament types as well as skill matching and live multiplayer action.

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Consulting Services

Engagement and responsibility are keywords for Arcadelia. Project management is one of our core strengths – we help you structure projects and make sure they are completed in time!

Arcadelia has successfully run projects ranging from back end gaming systems to large scale online market places and mobile apps in industries from banking to online retailing.

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Game Development - Examples

RNG Cash Gaming

With our extremely flexible RNG engine we can offer slots, scratchers or any other RNG game you can think of with a time to market that is unparalleled in the business.

Steam Wars: Apoteos

Steam Wars is a Steam Punk style Tower Defense game aimed at a hardcore gaming audience. With AAA level graphics, real life opponents and a plethora of honorable heroes Steam Wars is here to prove that social gaming can be so much more than harvesting crops…

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Current Openings

Developer Opening (C++, C#, mobile…)

Is C++ your mother tongue? Are you still eager to learn more and grow as a developer? Interested in joining a tight team of really competent developers? Interested in working with games? Like the idea of a mobile focus?

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Developer Opening (C#, SQL, Javascript…)

Do you just hate it when papers at your desk are not in order? Are you turned on by Visio flowcharts? Is proper indentation as important to you as eating?

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Developer Opening (C#/Java, GO…)

Are you the swiss army knife of development? Have you actually delivered a product using Google Go? Would you choose language depending on the end product rather than the language you are most experienced in?

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